Shut Out the Outside World

Install a wooden privacy fence on your Texarkana, AR or TX property

Your backyard is a beautiful space, and you want to keep it to yourself. Work with French's Quality Welding & Fencing, LLC of Texarkana, AR to build a cedar or pine privacy fence that will keep out burglars, hungry forest animals and curious neighborhood kids. You can custom order the style you want, and we'll firmly plant the posts into your property with concrete.

Contact us at 903-244-1994 to learn more about installing a privacy fence.

3 reasons to build a privacy fence

A privacy fence can add value and improve the appearance of your property. Here are a few other reasons building a privacy fence is a good idea:

  • 1. Prevent wild animals from entering your yard
  • 2. Keep criminals and intruders away from your property
  • 3. Enjoy privacy in your own yard

Turn to French's Quality Welding & Fencing, LLC to build a privacy fence for your yard.